Take Action

SAVE hopes you agree that domestic violence is an issue worth caring about and supporting. We could cite a long list of statistics about the high rate of abuse inflicted on victims and the terrible cost it has to them, their loved one, and our communities. We could list the number of people SAVE serves on an annual basis and write about the challenges in breaking the cycle of abuse. While these facts are compelling and of value, today we want you to remember these 5 reasons for helping SAVE and making an impact:

  1. Elena, who told us that the first night she spent in our shelter was the first night she had slept without fear in 10 years.
  2. Five-year-old Hosina, who told us so matter-of-factly all the terrible things her daddy had done to her.
  3. You have a safe place to call home and everyone deserves to have that.
  4. In the time it took you to read this, SAVE’s hotline rang 5 times.
  5. The people we help are not nameless, faceless strangers. They are our neighbors…our sisters…our mothers…our co-workers…our friends.  And we are ALL responsible for keeping them safe.

SAVE’s ability to help victims break free of abuse is possible with the support of our community. And we’re not just talking about monetary donations, as critical as these are.

There is a lot that we all can do.

  1. If you suspect a friend, neighbor, or loved one is experiencing abuse, reach out to them and tell them about SAVE.
  2. Consider volunteering at SAVE — are volunteers are an invaluable part of our organization!
  3. Because knowledge = power, invite SAVE to provide a free presentation at your school, for your faith, service or professional organization, or parent or educator groups. Call Tina Fernandez at (510) 574-2250 ext. 106 to schedule a presentation.
  4. Attend a SAVE event.
  5. Tell others about SAVE — what we do and why — the more others in the community know about us, the better we can reach those who need us.