Domestic Violence Awareness Month Events

In recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, SAVE will be hosting a series of virtual empowerment events and self-care workshops in October. Join us for a month of solidarity, activism and self-care. Be an agent of change. Practice self-compassion. Together we can break the cycles of violence in our communities.

Let us know that you will join us! RSVP in the links below.

Virtual Open House

October 2 | 6-7:30 pm

To kick off NDVAM, join us for SAVE’s annual Open House and meet the SAVE family!  The evening will include an exclusive virtual tour of our Safe House, and a fun trivia game about the movement! Hear about SAVE’s programs and services, learn about the critical work being done in pandemic times and explore how you can be an agent of change in your community. (Ages 16+)


Garden of Self Care

October 14 | 6-7:30 pm

Join us for a peer-led workshop to honor self-care. Self-care is an essential step in the healing and self-empowerment process. It not only encourages us to connect with ourselves but also helps us be present and whole for our communities. In this workshop, you will be invited to create and nurture your inner garden by using art as a way to connect, embrace, and empower yourself.  Starting Sep. 16, follow weekly self-care videos on our social media, that will lead up to our evening of self-care in October. (Ages 16+)



October 9&23 | 9-9:45 am

Join us virtually on Friday mornings to hear stories that highlight the different ways in which domestic violence exists in our communities and how it affects people from all walks of life. Grab your coffee and prepare to break myths about DV, challenge common stereotypes and understand how systemic injustices intersect with intimate partner violence to impact survivors. (Ages 16+)

Join us live on FB @save.dv.


October 30 | 6-7:30 pm

Join us for an evening of radical self-love and self-expression. Our stories, our journeys, our songs, our poems, our written words are our light. Share your creativity and empower yourself and others to speak truth to power. Bring your joy, anger, mourning, resilience, grief, healing, courage, hope. We welcome all expressions and all languages! Original and quoted works welcome. No hate speech please. (Ages 16+)