COPS Advocates

SAVE’s COPS (Community Oriented Prevention Services) Program provides resources and support for IPV survivors who may need or have had law enforcement assistance and/or intervention.

About SAVE’s COPS Advocates:

  • COPS Advocates are co-located in five police departments – Fremont, Hayward, Newark, Union City and San Leandro.
  • COPS Advocates work closely with police officers to provide support and resources, and may call you if a police report has been filed due to a domestic violence incident.
  • COPS Advocates provide the same crisis support, referrals, and advice as our crisis line counselors. They can assist survivors with temporary restraining orders, and understanding and navigating the court system.
  • COPS Advocates can provide ongoing support as needed and will assist survivors to connect with additional resources.

For more information, contact one of the COPS Advocates closest to you.

  • Fremont COPS Advocate: (831) 769-6585
  • Union City COPS Advocate: (831) 769-6585
  • Newark, San Leandro and Hayward COPS Advocate: (510) 397-9492

You can also click the link to download the COPS Flyer in English and Spanish.

Under the COPS Advocates program, here’s how SAVE can help:

Temporary Restraining Order Assistance

Court Accompaniment