Longer-term Housing

SAVE understands that domestic violence survivors worry about having a safe place to stay after they complete our safe house program, but help is available. SAVE is a member of the Alameda County Housing/Jobs Linkages Program, a Rapid-Rehousing subsidy program that helps bridge the gap between emergency shelter and independent living for those who qualify.

You may qualify for our Linkages Program if:

  • You have experienced intimate partner abuse and are a mother with children in your care; AND
  • You are currently residing in our safe house program OR are receiving services through our Empowerment Center AND are employed, OR are participating in an employment development program.

How it works:

  • Your SAVE case manager will help you apply for the Alameda County Housing/Jobs Linkages Program
  • If you meet the requirements and are accepted, your family will live in your own home and receive continuing support from a SAVE case manager who makes home visits.
  • The housing subsidy is available up to 12 months within Alameda County and up to 3 months out of county with the goal of helping you increase your income to a level which enables you to pay for your housing after the subsidy ends. You will contribute a calculated portion of the rent and the remainder will be subsidized.  Your portion will increase and the subsidy will taper down every three months over the course of your participation in the program.

If you do not qualify for the, Alameda County Housing/Jobs Linkages Program, your SAVE case manager can assist you with applying to other transitional housing programs or help you find other housing options.