Long term Housing

Housing Assistance

Safe, secure, affordable housing is a struggle to get and keep for many domestic violence survivors. SAVE provides housing assistance through  supportive programs like:

  • The Domestic Violence Housing First (DVHF) program which offers a range of housing assistance such as move-in costs, rental assistance and help with utilities as well as ongoing case management support.
  • Mariposa Project is designed for survivors who are interested and able to participate in job training or other employment activities that will lead to living wage jobs. Participants in the program may receive rental subsidies  for up to a year along with supportive services like case management, budgeting assistance and life skill workshops. 

You may qualify for our DVHF program if:

  • You have experienced (or are experiencing) intimate partner abuse; AND
  • You are homeless or at risk of losing your housing without assistance

 How it works:

  • Any SAVE advocate or case manager can do an initial assessment to see if you might qualify for help from DVHF.
  • The program can provide one-time assistance or ongoing help depending on your needs.
  • Participants can request assistance with any financial need that is jeopardizing their housing. For example, if a lack of transportation is causing you to miss work making it hard for you to pay rent we may be able to provide you with bus tickets or gas money.
  • Program participants will work with a case manager to identify housing challenges and create realistic solutions.

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