By Shaila Dixit / September 3, 2020

Of Patterns, Tea & Sandwiches

Today I learned that the phrase “make me a sandwich” is actually a thing! According to, “make me a...

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By A Survivor's Daughter / September 2, 2020

Things I Carry

I carry the tears and struggles of my mother. I carry the memories of smiling and laughing with family and...

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By Annie / July 13, 2020

Prison Industrial Complex

Prison Industrial ComplexWhat was my offense?I use to think it was just one.Reflecting back now, I know there were several....

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By Tara Kavasseri / June 23, 2020

A Revolutionary Year

The sound of shattering glass breaks through the early morning hours. Neon city lights flash across silhouettes in the street....

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By Leslie Garcia / June 8, 2020

Self-Reflection: Queer Thoughts from a Brown Xicana

In light of recent events, I write to you from the perspective of a Queer Xicana Feminist. Today marks June...

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By Annie Olea / June 5, 2020

You Can’t Title It: When?

I'm inside outbackwardsforwardsRaw to the bone. Don't touch meDon't come closeBreathing is excruciating. There are screamsSo many screams . ....

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By Radha, Selfless Love (SAVE Client) / June 1, 2020

A Promise

There was something strange about that night.It felt near till yesterday.And now its close to me.That strange night forgot to...

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