Take Action

SAVE makes a difference!

Domestic violence is an issue worth your concern and support. SAVE’s services and programs benefit not only survivors and their families, but communities as a whole. Domestic violence affects entire families, friends, coworkers, and beyond.

SAVE’s programs and services bring peace and hope to victims of domestic violence and their families, and empowers and strengthens communities through education and outreach. How effective is SAVE? Here are a few numbers from our 2016/17 fiscal year.

  1. 1,768: the number of calls answered on our 24-hr Hotline in which we provided emotional support, referrals, and crisis intervention.
  2. 334: the number of survivors who attended our group counseling sessions.
  3. 9,532: the number of nights of safety we provided to 170 women and children at our Emergency Safe House.
  4. 8,599: the number of students who participated in our “Loves Me, Loves Me Not” teen dating violence awareness and prevention presentations.
  5. 1,053: the number of victims who were assisted by our COPS Program Victim Advocates, a collaborative program with local law enforcement agencies.

Our success depends, in part, on you. Your donation will help sustain SAVE so we may continue to provide support, safety, and hope.

There is a lot that we all can do, beyond monetary giving:

  1. Add an item from our Amazon Wish List to your shopping cart.
  2. Consider volunteering at SAVE — our volunteers are an invaluable part of our organization!
  3. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter then tell others about SAVE’s services and programs — the more SAVE’s message is shared, the better we may serve those who need help.
  4. Sign up to receive our email updates.
  5. Invite SAVE to provide a free presentation at your school, for your faith, service or professional organization, or parent and/or teach organization. Call our Community Engagement Manager, Chao Lee at (510) 574-2250 ext. 106 to schedule a presentation.