Corporate Giving

Corporate “checkbook charity” has given way to strategic philanthropy. Your donation of money, time, and gifts-in-kind can help achieve our goals while giving you community goodwill through cause-related marketing.

Event Sponsorship – SAVE’s fundraising events attract community, business, and government leaders.  By sponsoring events you are demonstrating to the community that you support SAVE’s work to support victims of domestic violence, while at the same time gaining additional visibility for your business. SAVE offers various levels of sponsorship – one is sure to reflect both your resources and commitment to SAVE.

Monetary Donations – Checks payable to “SAVE” can be mailed directly to our community office.  All donations are tax-deductible and acknowledged with a receipt/thank-you letter for your records. Corporate supporters are also listed on our website.

Employee Giving – Many companies offer an employee giving program to encourage its employees to donate to nonprofits through regular payroll deductions. Some programs allow the employees to designate any nonprofit, including schools, while other programs restrict the choices to pre-selected and authorized nonprofits. Often the company will match a percentage of the employee’s donation. If your company already has an employee giving program, or is considering one, we ask you to include SAVE in the program.

Employee Events – Some companies encourage employees to support SAVE by participating in a fun, employee-driven event.  Recent examples include “Hawaiian Day” where employees could dress in Hawaiian clothing if they donated $5 to SAVE, and “Jail a Supervisor” where supervisors and managers were “jailed” and had to raise bail from employees which was then donated to SAVE. These events not only raise funds for SAVE but also increase awareness among employees about SAVE and domestic violence.

Employee Education – Given the high incidence of domestic violence, someone within your organization is sure to be affected by it – either as a victim, batterer, or a friend/family member.  SAVE welcomes the opportunity to speak to your employees about the dynamics of domestic violence, warning signs, and how to get help. Alternatively, information packets can be left at your location or distributed to employees.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace Training – SAVE is eager to share its expertise in the area of domestic violence with your management and human resource staff. Our training will help improve productivity and reduce employment expenses through education on the signs of domestic violence, employment laws that protect a domestic violence victim, and the steps to take to keep the victim and co-workers safe while at work. SAVE is also available for consultations on specific situations or issues.

In-kind Donations – SAVE accepts new in-kind donations to operate our office, provide services and goods to clients, and to support fundraisers.