Give Local, SAVE Local

We’re sure you’ve heard these phrases lately – “Shop Local” or “Eat Local” or “Support your local businesses.” Well, we have a new, very important one to add to this list – “GIVE LOCAL.”

That’s right, when you choose where to designate your charitable dollars, we encourage you to GIVE LOCAL — specifically, of course, to SAVE, your local domestic violence prevention agency. By helping those in your community who need it most, you will make a positive impact on the more than 3000 individuals who come to SAVE each year.

When you GIVE LOCAL, your investment will help individuals like Janella, who is grateful to receive services right in her own community. When she called SAVE, she was desperate. Her husband had deliberately damaged her car so she couldn’t easily leave him. With three young children, getting around town by bus was challenging. Have you ever tried to board a bus with 3 kids under the age of 5 and a stroller? How about 2 or 3 buses to transfer across town? Yet because SAVE is local, accessing our services was one less thing for her to worry about. Janella was suffering enough in her marriage; she didn’t need to suffer more to get help. SAVE was here for Janella, and thanks to caring individuals like you, SAVE is here for everyone else who needs our help.

  • When clients like Janella decide to attend SAVE’s support groups, they are grateful that sessions take place at SAVE’s office near the Fremont BART station (closer to home means less time to leave their kids with a sitter)
  • When clients like Janella attend their restraining order hearings at Hayward court, they feel so fortunate to have a SAVE advocate there to help them through the tiring and emotional process (or else they might be all alone)
  • When clients like Janella need shelter, how fortunate that they can stay relatively close to their hometown (it’s hard enough to leave your home, at least they don’t need to leave their own community)

While many women and their children need to go far away from home to be safe from their abuser, many, like Janella, can stay closer to home and value that SAVE’s services are local and so accessible to them.

SAVE is proud to provide services to your neighbors…to our neighbors. We have been here for over 35 years, yet still have so much more to do. For every Janella that comes to SAVE, there are many more who are being abused by someone who is supposed to love them, nurture them, and care for them. They need our help too. With your investment, SAVE advocates will be on the crisis line, at your local police departments, in the courts, in our shelter, and in our community offices to help every victim of domestic violence.

Be assured that your investment will improve the lives of women, men, and children in our own communities:

  • $48 – feeds a family at our shelter three healthy meals
  • $97 – completes complex temporary restraining order legal forms for a distraught victim
  • $223 – teaches 72 teenagers about what a healthy relationship looks like
  • $531 – answers calls to our crisis line for 24 hours
  • $907 – opens the doors to our three weekly support groups for one month

Please take a moment now to GIVE LOCAL

Thank you for valuing SAVE’s contribution to creating a safer, more peaceful local community.