Why donate to SAVE

We can list all kind of statistics about the high rate of abuse inflicted on “loved” ones, about the number of people SAVE serves on an annual basis, and about the challenges in breaking the cycle of abuse.

While these are compelling and of value, today we want you to remember these
10 reasons for investing in SAVE:

  1. Sara, who graduated from our transitional housing program and got a great job with the County and is raising her son in a violence free home.
  2. Elena, who told us that the first night she spent in our shelter was the first night she had slept without fear in 10 years.
  3. Annie, who got her son back and told us that we were the first people who believed she could be a good mother.
  4. Hosina, who told us so matter of factly all the terrible things her daddy had done to her.
  5. Shelly, who just today got the keys to her new apartment, after 17 years of abuse and almost a year in shelter.
  6. You have a safe place to call home and everyone deserves to have that.
  7. The woman who called the hotline yesterday was too afraid to leave, but today might be the day she finds the courage.
  8. There is a woman out there who doesn’t know yet that there is a hotline she can call.
  9. In the time it took you to read this, the hotline rang 10 times.
  10. The women we help are not nameless, faceless strangers. They are our neighbors and our sisters and our mothers and our co-workers and we are all responsible for keeping them safe.

Your investment in SAVE ensures that SAVE can answer the hotline when the next Elena calls, can counsel the next Sara who walks through our doors, and can empower the next Annie who is afraid of her future.

Please take a moment now to donate securely online or mail in a check to SAVE, 1900 Mowry Avenue, Suite 201, Fremont, CA 94538.