A Promise


There was something strange about that night.
It felt near till yesterday.
And now its close to me.
That strange night forgot to put me to sleep in its arms.
I waited frightfully for hours and moments to pass.
Out of habit.
The silence of that night had started to speak whispers of his betrayal n deceit.
Why do you feel lost in your own house?
When was hope going to stop searching its pieces in that house?
How were you going to fill the empty places in your heart?
The silence kept demanding.
All of a sudden something started happening on that strange night…

My inner force was picking up.
A will power was generating in my mind.
My soul was on fire.
My heart was hatching.
My shell was shedding.
My cocoon was breaking.
My cast was cracking.
My skin was being sloughed.
My wings were opening.
A seed inside me was sprouting.
“You are changing. You are ready.”
The silence spoke with awe.
That strange night was becoming bright, colorful and alive.
I looked in my mirror.
It was the only piece in that house that knew me.
I started singing my name.
Took my most precious gift.
A single dried flower.
I then packed all my needs in a bundle.
I had made a decision, a choice, a promise…

Artist’s Statement:
“I had lost my voice because of my trauma. This is me finding my voice back, through my words.”
by Radha, Selfless Love (SAVE Client)