About Us

Our Purpose

SAVE’s mission is to strengthen every individual and family we serve with the knowledge and support needed to break the cycle of intimate partner violence and build healthier lives.

We believe that every person has the right to live in peace. Every day we provide shelter, support, and educational opportunities for individuals and families so they may end the cycle of abuse, heal, and have the freedom to reach their potential.

SAVE’s History

SAVE was founded in 1976 as a grassroots organization by a group of Tri-Cities women who sought to provide support to victims of domestic violence. At the time, there were no shelters in Southern Alameda County that could serve the specific needs of individuals and families experiencing domestic violence. Other SAVE firsts include educating police officers and medical personnel about domestic violence, establishing a transitional housing program which won national recognition, and providing teen dating violence awareness presentations in schools.

SAVE’s Empowerment Center at SAVE was established in 2014 with tremendous support from community partners, including The Despeaux Good Works Fund at the East Bay Community Foundation and Washington Hospital Healthcare System. As a community resource, the Center offers services and programs to individuals experiencing domestic violence. It’s a safe space where they may rest and regroup, obtain immediate in-person crisis support, assistance with food and clothing, referrals, and help with restraining orders. Individual, group, and family counseling are provided at the Empowerment Center and it’s also a hub for Youth Program activities.

Every year SAVE serves thousands of individuals and families across all its programs. SAVE’s reputation is built upon not only its many years of quality service and firsts, but also its focus on recognizing the needs of those not served, creating strong, trusting partnerships and inclusiveness – all are welcome regardless of ethnicity, faith, gender identity, sexual orientation, language spoken, level of education, physical or developmental needs, and geographic location.

SAVE’s compassionate approach puts our clients and partners first, so they are empowered to make healthy decisions every day…right here.

Annual Report

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