Group Support

You’re Not Alone

If you are experiencing intimate partner violence or have been in the past, you may be feeling depressed and frustrated. Your self-esteem may be low and you may also feel isolated from family, friends, and your community. Please know that you are not alone — SAVE is here to help.  Joining a free, confidential support group can help you gain perspective, connect with other survivors, and improve your self-confidence.

What To Expect

  • SAVE’s support groups are facilitated by supervised candidates in Marriage and Family Therapy and supervised doctoral candidates in Clinical Psychology.
  • SAVE’s support groups are free.
  • SAVE’s support group sessions are confidential.
  • Some groups require advance registration. See details below.

SAVE’s Current Support Groups:

In-person Support Group

Want to talk in a safe space? Want to share experiences in a supportive space? Come give it a try by attending our support group! We’ll discuss communication, boundaries, experiences with intimate partner violence, and more.

When: Mondays, May 22, June 5, June 12, June 19 from 6:30-8:00pm

Where: 1900 Mowry Avenue Suite 201, Fremont, CA

No Registration Necessary!

Virtual Support Group

When: Fridays 10:00-11:45am

Where: Zoom

Grupo de Apoyo en Persona

¿Quieres hablar en un lugar seguro y conectarse con personas que la entienden? ¿Quieres compartir experiencias en un grupo solidario? Inténtalo con esto grupo de apoyo! Discutiremos comunicación, los límites, experiencias, y mucho más!

Cuando: Miercoles 6:00-7:30pm

Donde: 1900 Mowry Avenue Suite 201, Fremont, CA

No Se Requiere Registrarse!

Grupo de Apoyo Virtual

Cuando: Viernes 3:00-4:30pm

Donde: Zoom

Parent/Guardian Support Series

Want to build a stronger relationship with your kids? Want to learn strategies to improve communication, cooperation, and understanding? Join this 6-week Zoom group just in time for summer vacation!

When: Mondays 5pm-6pm May 1-June 5

Where: Zoom

Grief Group

Explore the vast experiences of grieving loss. With the help of this group, gain a better understanding of the different functions of grief and learn ways to practice self-care. Topics include the grief experience, functions of grief, the healing pathway through grief, and much more!

When: Mondays 5:30-7:00pm May 8-29 (4 weeks total)

Where: Zoom

SAVE’s Upcoming Support Groups:

Living in Harm, Moving Toward Safety

Join this 4-week Zoom group for help identifying, examining, and learning how to cope with relationships that involve: name-calling, harsh criticism, yelling, excessive control, physical violence, loss of financial control, emotional manipulation, feelings of isolation, coercive sexual demands, gaslighting, and other hurtful behaviors. Learn new coping skills to manage stressful and activating events, guidance to plan ahead for your future, education on communication styles, and more!

Healthy Relationships Group

Want to learn what makes a relationship healthy? Want to learn strategies to improve your relationship? Find out by attending the upcoming Healthy Relationships group! Learn about communication pitfalls, boundaries, how to be vulnerable, and more!

Empowerment Group

Building empowerment is building self-esteem and prioritizing self-care. With the help of this group, gain a better understanding of how to empower yourself in your everyday life. Topics include understanding boundaries, identifying your life traps, making yourself a priority, and much more!

Stay Tuned!

For information please call our Empowerment Center at (510) 574-2250.