Prison Industrial Complex


Prison Industrial Complex
What was my offense?
I use to think it was just one.
Reflecting back now, I know there were several.

Guilty of Trusting!
Guilty of Believing what he offered was Love!
Guilty of Knowing I would not, Could not be one of Them!

My sentence was Life without Parole.
My shackle was a Gold Wedding Band.
My prison cell was 1900 square feet with
An Electrified perimeter Fence.

My prison only had 2 other inmates,
Caught in the system,
Unable to escape their innocence.

But I was not alone. . .
There are hundreds – NO
Thousands and More,
Just like me scattered in their individual Prisons
Around the World.

Our offenses all the same,
Our incarcerators different colors and ages
But all impose the Power of the
‘Universal Subject’

Our being good or bad, complacent, passive or cooperative
All subject to the mood or our jailer.
Our Punishments depend on the severity of our perceived variance
From what is expected.

An absentee Warden allows for an aire of arrogance:
Do what is Needed!
As harshly as Needed!
Who is going to Stop Me!
Is the mentality of the Guard.

Of course the constant Verbal degrading is
The main tool of Domination and Control.
That was not the only.
There is also:
Blind folds
Anything that you could get your Hands on
To inflict Pain, including a Chair.

As if that were not enough. . . .
…..You take more from me,
…..Asking why I don’t like it?
……….Please me, he DEMANDS!
…..My tears mean Nothing.

Is my jailers response.
…..That Gold shackle Gives me the Right!I own you!
……….You belong to me!
……….My Prisoner!
……….My Thing!
……….My Possession!

I am no longer Human.
My thoughts Silenced.
My power systematically Beaten and Forced
From me.
I don’t even know how to dress,
But that is okay because my daily uniform becomes
His Desire.

Temporal time and space in constant flux
So easy to lose track of time Spent,
But not
So easy to forget the punishments received
During my time.

Yes, I tried so many times
I lost count.
Society does not help maintain ‘freedom’
It is set up to make those Imprisoned to
NEED our prisons and jailers
For Survival.