Welcome to SAVE.

We believe that every person has the right to live in peace.

Hear From The Survivors We Have Served

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“[SAVE] made me feel comfortable, not ashamed for the help I needed. The case managers helped me and made me feel like a human, not a number. They have stayed consistently in contact when I reached out.”

— Susan (Name changed to protect survivor’s privacy.)

“[SAVE] help and look for extra resources of my needs. They listen and hear me about the situation that I am going through. They support me in every step that could take me to the healing process.”

— Roxanne (Name changed to protect survivor’s privacy.)

How to Get Involved

Volunteer to raise awareness about IPV and support the efforts to end it. Volunteers who earn their 40-Hour DV Advocate Certificate can also work directly with survivors in various settings, including our crisis hotline, Empowerment Center and Safe House.